Roundup: Be The 21st Century Version of Yourself

The UFT looks likely to endorse Grace Meng, but not Hakeem Jeffries. They’re backing incumbents in contested races.

Barack Obama tapped Jonathan Lippman to serve on a board that facilitates greater cooperation between state and federal courts.

The Daily Kos on DC37’s endorsement of Charles Barron: “He’s a lunatic who’s made a life-long career out of outrageous, inflammatory statements that put him completely outside the mainstream.

Jumaane Williams called Mike Bloomberg “ass-backwards” on stop-and-frisk.

A Republican club that backed Bob Turner hard during his congressional election endorsed George Maragos for Senate.

Rory Lancman was endorsed by the Public Employees Federation.

Charlie King is also leaving the State Democratic Party.

Don’t count on Charlie Rangel attending tonight’s debate.

The Queens GOP has their challenger to Tony Avella.

Mark Winston Griffith won’t run for the City Council.

Kirsten Gillibrand’s name continues to be floated for heading the DSCC.

Rory Lancman outlined a plan to combat overdevelopment.

Adriano Espaillat is reportedly upset with Councilman Fernando Cabrera for not endorsing him.

He doesn’t plan to get involved in the race to succeed him in the State Assembly.

Tom DiNapoli reported that the pension fund grew nearly six percent despite market troubles.

A good sign for commercial real estate: an office tower in Lower Manhattan sold for more than twice its 2010 price.

The U.S. Census admitted they goofed up counting people of color in 2010.

NYC has the third best parks system in America, according to a new ranking.

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Minor received local Republican criticism for her upcoming role to head the state’s Democratic Party.

Two urban policy experts praise the city’s applied sciences efforts, but caution: Don’t try to be the next Silicon Valley. Be the 21st-century version of yourself.

Richard Grenell whose homosexuality forced him to resign as national security advisor to the Romney campaign, wrote  “I rarely agree with a candidate’s every position. I can support Mr. Romney for president but not agree with all of his stated policies.”

Colin Powell, on Mitt Romney’s claim that Russia is the number one geopolitical foe of the United States: “Well, c’mon Mitt, think. It isn’t the case.”

A top Romney aide said that the campaign welcomed the attacks on Bain, since they put the focus on the economy.

White House spokesman Jay Carney on GOP claims that spending increased under Obama: “Do not buy into the BS that you hear.”

A state-by-state map shows that Obama has a slight if dissipating advantage over Romney.

Alec MacGillis has a good explanation about why Obama has struggled in some recent primaries.

The back story of an amazing photo that hangs in the West Wing.

Roundup: Be The 21st Century Version of Yourself