Roundup: I Am So Much My Own Agent

The White House “will get back to you” about whether or not President Obama is endorsing Congressman Charlie Rangel.

The Cuomo shelf at your local bookstore is growing larger.

Cuomo hired the Independent Democratic Caucus’ spokesman Rich Azzopardi.

He’s raising money for the Assembly Democrats, no word yet if he’ll help their Senate counterparts.

Yossi Gestetner and Orthodox Pundit look at Bill Thompson’s support among Orthodox Jews.

Eric Schneiderman went on Up With Chris Hayes to discuss his foreclosure efforts.

Ben Akselrod declared his candidacy against Steve Cymbrowitz.

Republican Lisa Grey picked up Conservative support in her campaign against Diane Savino.

The Empire blog created a timeline of Pedro Espada’s legal troubles.

An Albany strip club is eagerly awaiting the Secret Service ahead of President Obama’s trip to the Capitol Region.

That trip might have been affected by a company’s ties to Abu Dhabi.

Cuomo benefits from Obama’s visit.

Caroline Kennedy has joined the Freedom to Marry coalition.

Scott Brown has raised more money from New York City than any other city in America, including Boston.

A Conservative pundit says that Joe Biden’s gay marriage comments were “calculated ploy to suck up to gay marriage advocates

Could Libertarian Gary Johnson play a spoiler in the 2012 race?

Mitt Romney’s top campaign spokeswoman said the president forgets how long he’s been in office.

Romney was once elected for disorderly conduct; parenting was said to be his alibi.

In her first American television interview, the prostitute at the center of the Secret Service scandal called President Obama’s agents “stupid brutes.”

Conservatives are tying Obama to newly elected French President Francois Hollande.

The local Ohio politician whose comments at town hall for Mr. Romney caused campaign aides to rush to distance themselves from him is co-chair of Mr. Romney’s campaign in the Buckeye State.

Billy Graham and Bill Clinton ware facing off in the gay marriage battle in North Carolina.

Newt says it’s “inconceivable” Mitt Romney would tap him as a running mate because he’s “so much my own agent.”

Paul Ryan was challenged over his idolatry of Ayn Rand, since she was “was an outspoken atheist, that she felt altruism was evil, supported abortion, and condemned Christianity for advocating compassion for the poor?”

Roundup: I Am So Much My Own Agent