Super Convenient 103rd Street Bridge Reopens, Will Take You Straight to Randall’s Island


Attention Frieze New York attendees! The 103rd Street footbridge, after months of being closed for construction, will open for business on June 2! Now you can get on and off of Randall’s Island without having to hop on board a boat or school bus or luxury BMW 7 series! You’re gonna just be flying on and off Randall’s Island to check out this art fair, then you’ll be racing right back to the Big Island by enjoying a leisurely walk across the footbridge, that seafoam green masterpiece of art deco design! This is going to be so easy! Frieze Art Fair, are you ready for us? Here we go! Oh wait…

Frieze Art Fair ran May 4 through 7. Well, uh, scratch all that. As you were, people.