Sure They Bused From New York to Chicago, but Will Protesters Occupy Goldman Sachs in Jersey City?

Leave it to the clever folks at Goldman Sachs to think of this. While Citigroup goes to the trouble and expense of flying executives to Dallas for its shareholders meeting, Goldman is holding its annual meet in a locale that may be just as daunting to the one-time denizens of Zuccotti Park: Jersey City. Sure, the berg on the Hudson may be a 7-minute ferry ride away, and there’s plenty to recommend it for a protest, because half of Wall Street keeps its back office there. But can you find Jersey City on a map? Do you think of it, as we sometimes do, as the city whose sitting mayor was photographed mid-campaign drunk and naked on his front porch—and still managed to get elected?

According to Facebook, 83 Occupiers plan to attend, but that doesn’t account for potential protesters who refuse to be monetized by the social media behemoth.