Take That, MPAA: Kim Dotcom’s Newest Rap Song is Finally Here

Sadly it had to be uploaded to YouTube, since Megaupload is still down.

We reported last month that Megaupload mega-millionaire Kim Dotcom was working on an album, and we’re happy to announce that the moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived: Mr. Dotcom released a track called “John Banks Song” on YouTube yesterday, produced in conjunction with Black Eyed Peas producer Printz Board.

The purpose of the song is political, attacking ex-mayor of Auckland, New Zealand John Banks for claiming not to remember taking donations–or a joyride in a helicopter–from Mr. Dotcom. Sadly Mr. Dotcom’s rapping skills aren’t really on full display, as much of the song is a mash-up of statements from Mr. Banks, or random interludes from hype ladies.

When we first heard about Mr. Dotcom’s album, we reached out to his agent to see if we could nab an early listen. He told us he’d consider it “when the time is right.” “John Banks Song” is definitely a tease, and we only hope the “right” time comes sooner rather than later.