Time’s Breastfeeding Blogger on Today: ‘It Did Create Such a Media Craze’

Jamie Lynne Grumet on 'Today' (NBC)

Last week we had Patricia Krentcil, the Tan Mom. This week, thanks to Time magazine’s salacious new cover, the deep-fried New Jersey mother has been pushed aside for Jamie Lynne Grumet, the Breastfeeding Blogger Mom. The 26-year-old was breastfed by her own mother until she was six, and she’s paying it forward by keeping her 3-year-old son on the teat.

Since everyone and their mother seems to have a very vocal opinion on this matter (and the side matter of whether the act of breastfeeding–which is fine in the privacy of your own home where its between you and God–should be the salacious cover of a reputable magazine), the mommy blogger went on Today this morning to explain (once again) how controversial her decision to pose for Time was.

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“He’s self-weening right now,” Ms. Grumet tells correspondent Savannah Guthrie, as her son Aram whines by her side, most likely confused about why he’s not being fed at that moment. (To be fair, that’s what we were all wondering.) She then goes on to say that although the photo was not indicative of how she breast-feeds at home–you mean, she doesn’t make her son climb up on a chair to get it?– she understands why Time chose that image. “Because it’s going to be such a…you know…it did create such a media craze.”

“To get the dialogue,” Ms. Grumet concluded. It was a fine segment, but we think we speak for Aram and America when we say, “What, no tit?”

Time’s Breastfeeding Blogger on Today: ‘It Did Create Such a Media Craze’