Turner ‘Welcomes’ Obama to Albany

Bob Turner (Photo: Getty)

GOP Congressman Bob Turner, a candidate for the U.S. Senate seat held by Kirsten Gillibrand, seized upon President Barack Obama’s upcoming visit to a nanotech college at the University at Albany today to criticize the president’s economic policies and encourage the him to spend additional time in Upstate New York.

“I’m pleased that President Obama is making a trip to New York, but if he wants a true picture of what his policies have done to the state, he needs to visit other Upstate cities that are drowning in high taxes and job-killing government regulation,” Mr. Turner said in a statement this morning.

Mr. Turner, like his two Republican rivals Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos and attorney Wendy Long, is currently working to increase his statewide name recognition before the June 26th primary. Criticizing the president is always a decent way to do this, and indeed Mr. Turner declared the trip to be “ironic” because Mr. Obama is visiting a location where government intervention was successful while Mr. Obama’s own policies have been unsuccessful.

“It’s ironic that he chose to visit a site that is a success story of government policies that empowered private sector growth under former Governor Pataki’s leadership, yet his policies have done the exact opposite,” he contended.

Mr. Pataki may not be able to claim sole credit for the program, however, as both former Governor Mario Cuomo and Speaker Sheldon Silver have recently been assigned credit for it as well.

Turner ‘Welcomes’ Obama to Albany