Warhol Museum Director Eric Shiner on Wonder Woman, ‘Haters’

Eric Shiner performing at a party at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2011. (Courtesy Patrick McMullan Company)

There are four days left to see the Jeremy Kost exhibition that the Pittsburgh–based Andy Warhol Museum and Hugo Boss are hosting down in Chelsea. What better way to mark the end of that show’s run than read a brief Q&A with the Warhol’s natty director, Eric Shiner?

In a questionnaire published in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Mr. Shiner shares a few intimate details about his life. His guilty pleasure? “Watching Bravo reality shows.” Childhood hero? “Wonder Woman. She really knew how to accessorize — and she owned an invisible jet. Fierce.”

Life is not carefree for Mr. Shiner, though. He wishes that he had the superpower of invisibility “so I could go to art fairs without being hit up for a show,” and admits that life would be better without “haters.”