Watch The Press Conduct A ‘Sting Operation’ to Get Bloomberg to Host SNL [Video]

Seth Meyers and Mayor Bloomberg (Photo: Flickr - nycmayorsoffice)

“We just talked about creating tens of thousands of jobs and giving us a tax base so we can educate our kids, and that’s what you care about?” Mayor Bloomberg asked the first reporter who asked him if he’d be willing to host Saturday Night Live at his press conference yesterday on media industry growth, held on the set of the show. “That’s why we’re in trouble here, it really is.”

“I have not been offered and I don’t want to let anyone off the hook, but I do have an agent and he certainly will speak for me,” he continued to the audience’s laughter. “Do you have any other, more substantive questions sir?”

The reporters in the crowd would not let up, asking him if he did do the show, would he write his own material?

“Some people would like me to, and most people probably would not,” came the answer.

Another reporter asked Mr. Bloomberg if he was offended he’s never been asked to host the show.

“Jesus Christ,” he answered loudly under his breath. “I don’t think ‘offended’ is the right word. Here, we’ll give you a headline: ‘deeply hurt.'”

Reporters also tried pitching the hosting question to Seth Meyers, who was at yesterday’s press conference as well.

“I think he would make a wonderful, wonderful host,” Mr. Meyers answered. “I know he’s really busy.”

Asked if that was a formal commitment, Mr. Meyers stressed that it was a “non-binding commitment.”

“I feel like today has just been a sting operation to trick me into asking the Mayor into host the show,” he said when pressed again. “It’s all been a ruse.”

Mr. Bloomberg was inclined to agree.

Watch the whole affair below:

Watch The Press Conduct A ‘Sting Operation’ to Get Bloomberg to Host SNL [Video]