What Do Documenta 13 and Art Collector Adam Lindemann Have in Common?

A screenshot of Documenta’s website.

They’re both interested in 19th-century writer J.K. Huysmans!

Mr. Lindemann, whom readers may know as the Observer‘s longtime art world columnist, recently started a gallery in 980 Madison named Venus Over Manhattan. His debut show is called “À Rebours,” and is named for what is probably Huysmans most famous book, which concerns the life of a decadent aesthete-collector type.

But it’s not just collector-writer-gallerists taking interest in Huysmans tale. An image of an English edition of the book, published under the name Against the Grain, just appeared on the website for this year’s Documenta, the rigorously theoretical exhibition that alights every five years in Kassel, Germany. It’s filed in the site’s “Panorama” section, where director Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev and her team regularly post items related to their research. Perhaps they have a certain Upper East Side collector on their minds?

In other Documenta website news, we just noticed that there is an entire section about dogs. We’re going to repeat that: there is an entire section on Documenta’s website about dogs. The most recent entry is from May 23, 2011, and is titled “Resistencia: Art, Dogs, Public.”