Which One of These Items Regarding NBC’s Next Season Comedy Lineup Is a Lie?

This is a pie chart (NBC)

Yesterday, NBC announced that 30 Rock will air its final, shortened season this Fall, along with some big news about the other comedies on the network. (No, that’s not the lie. We aren’t playing yet!) Can you guess which one of these items was not on the agenda?

1. The Office will be getting yet another season.

2. The network has ordered a Dane Cook comedy, Man Time.

3. Whitney is getting a second season.

4. Renewed: Parks & Recreation, Up All Night, and Community.

5. Canceled: BFF, Bent, and Are You There, Chelsea.

Answer: #2. Dane Cook IS getting a show, but it’s name is The Caller, not Man Time. Sorry to bum everyone out with this horrible news; we were all rooting for #3 to be false, too.