Whit Stillman Joins Twitter, Is Too Nice

In what appears to be a second-wind promotional push for last month’s release of Damsels in Distress, director Whit Stillman has done what he said he would never do and joined Twitter. More surprising than that? He’s over-the-top nice, in his interactions with both colleagues (some that that he may owe money to!) and strangers with less than 30 followers.

And, despite the account’s, um, adeptness with internetspeak and abbrevs (a sample: “don’t kno what I’m doing w tweets if u hav advice”), which seems at odds with Stillman’s old-timey style, according to Time Out Chicago, it is indeed the real him.

Replying with wit and genuine kindness to every tweet! No wonder it took him thirteen years to make a movie.

Follow him here–and send him a note. He’ll probably respond.