Will Cotton Thinks Everyone Is Ripping Him Off

(Courtesy Capital/Mary Boone)

Confectionery pin-up painter Will Cotton has a new show at Mary Boone and, to mark the occasion, a new interview over at Capital New York.

Since he painted the cover of Katy Perry’s latest album and art directed the video for her “California Gurls,” Mr. Cotton’s work has obviously reached a broader audience, and he’s beginning to see his own influence everywhere. To quote the piece:

“It feels almost epidemic,” he said, adding that he recently began keeping an archive of Cotton-esque advertisements—girls in cotton candy clouds, models with cupcakes on their heads—torn from the pages of Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitan.

Read the full piece over at Capital to see a few examples of what he means.

Will Cotton Thinks Everyone Is Ripping Him Off