William Kentridge Picks Colombian Artist Mateo López as His ‘Rolex Protégé’

William Kentridge. (Courtesy Patrick McMullan Company)

The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative, which pairs superstar artists with fledging and promising young counterparts as part of a yearlong mentoring program, announced that South African artist William Kentridge has tapped Mateo López, a Colombian artist as his protégé for the 2012-13 stretch of the program.

The news release has this to say about the 33-year-old Mr. López:

“[He] is known for setting up his studio in public and for using memories of his personal journeys in his work, which is a trademark of his installations. The installation Viaje sin movimiento (Travelling without movement, 2008-2010) was acquired by New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).”

As part of the decade-old program, each protégé gets a grant totaling 25,000 Swiss francs ($25,800)—not a bad currency to be holding these days! After the year of mentorship, the participating protégés can receive an additional 25,000 Swiss francs.