Woody Allen and Lindsay Lohan: Two Worlds Collide

Lindsay Lohan (Getty Images)

Woody Allen, director of the upcoming From Rome With Love as well as a few other things, may be taking Lindsay Lohan under his wing. People reports that the New York director and the Long Island star got dinner at Phillippe on Saturday night, a week after Ms. Lohan attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (the girl is keeping busy!).

Ms. Lohan may be Mr. Allen’s next project–the director has said that he intended to cast Winona Ryder and Robert Downey, Jr. (before the latter’s comeback)  in his 2004 film Melinda and Melinda, before being told they were uninsurable. The man has a soft heart! The pair may also just be close pals, though it’s hard to imagine precisely what the pair have in common besides admiration for the work ethic of Scarlett Johansson.