‘Yo Is This Racist?’ Tumblr Declares Ashton Kutcher Racist (Finally!)

Ashton Kutcher in delightful, non-offensive PopChips video (YouTube.com)

Phew. That’s a weight off our shoulders. While we were really not sure how to feel about Ashton Kutcher’s PopChips ad, released on YouTube earlier this week and featuring Mr. Kutcher playing a lot of different characters in a dating video like he was Tracey Ullman or something, we were pretty sure it was unfunny. But was it racist? Especially if one of the characters was Indian and Mr. Kutcher dressed in “brown face”?

Thankfully, Andrew Ti and his helpful Tumblr, Yo Is This Racist? had not just the answer, but the definitive answer for everything regarding Ashton Kutcher.

“Ok, for real, when you’re pitching, writing, and producing this, and you’re sitting in a room with Ashton Kutcher as he does his fucking racist and incredibly wack impression, is there literally no one at any point in this process who is like, “hey dogg, this might be kind of racist.”

Meanwhile PopChips was like “Oh, sorry guys, this was really racist,” and pulled the ad…probably because the execs at the big PopChip account read Is This Racist? every day.

‘Yo Is This Racist?’ Tumblr Declares Ashton Kutcher Racist (Finally!)