Your Mom Is Probably Pretty Good at the Internet

So no more evaluating tech products via the mom index.

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If taken today, she'd be looking at an iPhone. (

It’s a pretty hackneyed tech cliche to wonder about whether “someone’s mom” will adopt a service. Seems like these days it’s not just tired–its underlying premise is fundamentally flawed. Nielson has just released a whole bunch of stats regarding American mothers and their digital doings, and it turns out moms are pretty into technology. Which you probably already knew if you’ve visited Facebook any time in the last two years.

In fact, Facebook is their favorite social network — three out of every four moms visited the site during March 2012. Their second favorite “social networking and blog” site (which seems like a mishmosh of a category, but okay) is still Blogger, followed by Twitter, WordPress, and Tumblr. More than 54 percent use smartphones, which makes sense and even seems a little low when you consider that childrearing likely requires all the logistical genius of the Apollo program.

They’re also 61 percent more likely than the general population to use Pinterest, which lines up nicely with what we know about the site’s growth curve, and 38 percent more likely to follow or fan a brand.

And that, friends and neighbors, is why daytime TV is wall-to-wall mom commercials.