10 Bizarre Geocities Pages That Still Exist

Didn't you miss sidescrolling text?

A site featuring Robin Hood fan fiction and an animated GIF of a dragon named "Webby."
Also known as "Harley Heartbeat," this is the personal website for "Mark Madson, and my motto is that 'I'm 48 years old, with the body of a 24 year old, and the imagination of a 12 year old that has not realized the boundaries of reality!'"

Remember Geocities, the 90s-era webpage builder that you probably used to host your “About Me” page in 6th grade computer class? Yahoo shut down Geocities’ U.S. service back in 2009, but according to a link on the front page of Hacker News today, a simple Google search turns up remaining Geocities websites that are still in existence. Turns out, some of them are pretty damn weird.

Click through the slideshow to see some of our favorites.