Central Park’s Cherry Hill Concourse Makes A Comeback

So many ribbon cutters, so little ribbon!

The Central Park Conservancy has unveiled yet another, even more idyllic setting for wedding parties to stage their photos. The Cherry Hill Concourse has been painstakingly restored to its historic role as an “ideal vantage point for visitors to take in views of the nearby Lake,” according to the Conservancy.

Frederick Law Olmsted’s original plans may be forever marred by ice skating rinks and baseball diamonds, but at least some things can be returned to their original beauty.

The Concourse re-opened today in a glory of green grass and red ribbon cutting, with a simplified design that levels the Concourse’s three tiers into one smooth rise that is said to make views more stunning than before (foot traffic will, they claim, also flow better). The new site design uses sustainable materials and plantings. A permeable surface will allow the landscape to reduce rainwater and reduce run-off and new plantings will define the perimeter path.

On the occasion of the re-opening, conservancy president and CEO Doug Blonsky noted that the Conservancy’s work is never done (visitors tromping through on a daily basis does mean an almost endless stream of work). But still, it is a cause for celebration—the last major part of a five-year restoration of the Lake.

“Cherry Hill is among the most scenic, picturesque, and romantic locations in Central Park, and it now joins the long list of sites the Central Park Conservancy has carefully restored,” Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe said in a release.  “It is sure to continue to be a popular destination for films, weddings, tourist stops, picnics, and simple strolls through the park.”


Central Park’s Cherry Hill Concourse Makes A Comeback