30,000 People Contributed to Bullied Bus Monitor Karen Klein’s Vacation Fund

But Indiegogo is probably the real winner in this story.

 30,000 People Contributed to Bullied Bus Monitor Karen Kleins Vacation Fund

(Photo: Pulse2)

Fundraising platform Indiegogo just released some interesting stats regarding the do-gooder campaign for bullied bus monitor Karen Klein. The fundraiser, which was launched last Wednesday by nutritionist Max Sidorov to raise money for a vacation for Ms. Klein after a video of her being bullied surfaced on YouTube, has raised more than $660,000 in just one week. Indiegogo, which takes a 4 percent cut of every campaign, stands to make more than $26,000 from the Internet’s philanthropy.

Some of the interesting statistical findings include:

  • Donations came from people in all 50 states and 80 different countries.
  • The campaign raised “over 128 times the original goal and more than 42 times Karen’s annual salary of $15,506.”
  • Over $600,000 was raised in the first 72 hours, with an average of $210,000 raised per day.
  • The average contribution amount was $21.
  • 30,000 people contributed.

These statistics highlight the particularly benevolent bent the Internet hivemind can adopt when inspired, but also point to how quickly a viral video sensation can turn into a startup marketer’s wet dream. In a post entitled “The Internet Doing Good, Well,” Indiegogo wastes no time tooting its own horn about how its platform spearheaded the galvanization of support that transformed philanthropic pangs into cashmoney.

“The openness of Indiegogo for people to create campaigns driven by whatever ideas and causes that interest and inspire them allowed a man from Toronto to start a campaign to send a woman he had never met on a vacation,” they wrote. “No red tape, just an opportunity for swift action.”

Wonder if Kickstarter is, well, kicking itself for that whole “artistic projects only” rule.