41 New York Art Types to Follow on Twitter

@K8Hardy, @RichardPrince4, @curiousoctopus and more!

@K8Hardy. (Courtesy PMC)

Though it has long been a venue for artists, writers, curators and art watchers to converse, debate and, of course, self promote, Twitter seems to have become increasingly popular with the denizens of New York’s art industry over the past year. Major curators, like High Line Art’s director and curator, Cecilia Alemani, and MoMA PS1’s director, Klaus Biesenbach, have taken to the popular service, along with leading artists, like Raymond Pettibon and Richard Prince (who called Times art critic Ken Johnson a “hack” in a tweet last week).

Below, a list of 41 people we enjoy following. Almost every one is based in New York, though there are a few exceptions—honorary New Yorkers, like Maxwell Anderson, who have ties to the city or just seem to be here with startling frequency. We have omitted writers—with the exception of two Observer contributors who occupy somewhat unique positions out there in the art world. Including all of those journalists, critics and editors would have been far too gigantic. That list is for another time. No doubt we have left out many of your favorites. Please do share them in the comment section below.

Cecilia Alemani, High Line Art director and curator

Maxwell Anderson, Dallas Museum of Art director, former Whitney director

Paola Antonelli, MoMA senior curator of architecture and design

Cory Arcangel, artist

Bonus! Working on My Novel, a project by Cory Arcangel

Klaus Biesenbach, MoMA PS1 director and MoMA chief curator at large

Amy Cappellazzo, Christie’s chairwoman of postwar and contemporary development

Xavier Cha, artist

Jennifer Dalton, artist

Johanna Fateman, musician in Le Tigre, MEN

Photios Giovanis, dealer

Benjamin Godsill, Phillips de Pury & Co. specialist

Kathy Grayson, dealer, photo blogger

Daphne Guinness, collector, muse

Anthony Haden-Guest, cartoonist, author of True Colors, Observer contributor

Ed Halter, Light Industry director

Alex Israel, artist

Adam Lindemann, collector, dealer, Observer contributor

K8 Hardy, artist

Andrew Kuo, artist

Steve Martin, comedian, collector

Sarah McCrory, Frieze Foundation curator

Glenn O’Brien

Yoko Ono, artist

Raymond Pettibon, artist

Richard Phillips, artist

Richard Prince, artist

Bill Powers, dealer

Bill Powhida, artist

Simon de Pury, Phillips de Pury & Co. co-founder, DJ

David Ross, former director of Whitney, SFMOMA and ICA Boston, chair of SVA MFA

Andre Saraiva, club owner, artist

Magda Sawon, Postmasters Gallery co-owner

Aurel Schmidt, artist

Chloe Sevigny

Gary Simmons, artist

Nancy Spector, Guggenheim chief curator

Rebecca Taylor, MoMA PS1 communications director

Austin Thomas, artist

Ryan Trecartin, artist

Hennessy Youngman, artist, YouTube blogger

41 New York Art Types to Follow on Twitter