A Rambling But Happy Charlie Rangel Plows Ahead

Another day is another endorsement for the reelection campaign of veteran Congressman Charlie Rangel.

This afternoon, it was Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, who offered his endorsement as a birthday gift for Mr. Rangel.

“Another birthday present that I got is that today is the first day that I walked substantially without needing a cane,” Mr. Rangel, who was in the hospital with serious back injury for multiple months, declared. “So God is good, you are good, and politics is good.”

“I’m supposed to be modest and I’m going to try my damnedest,” he added later.

Mr. Stringer and Mr. Rangel praised each other, and in Mr. Rangel’s exceptionally rambling 20 minute speech, it seemed that no topic wasn’t touched. A smiling Mr.Rangel discussed his ethics violations, how he felt when President Barack Obama was elected, the meaning of politics, his family life, congressional Republicans, and one of his main rivals for the Democratic nomination, State Senator Adriano Espaillat.

“While I’m confident and compliment him on running a positive race, if you ask him why he’s running, he wants to be a congressman,” Mr. Rangel said of Mr. Espaillat. “And God knows I could never deny anybody their ambitions, except we kind of thought we were different in this district. “

He went on to critically discuss Mr. Espaillat potentially running for reelection in the Legislature if he loses his congressional bid, something made possible by a loophole created in the election calendar this year. Mr. Rangel condemned it, and said Mr. Espaillat deceiving the public by not specifically stating his intentions was “insulting.”

However, immediately after criticizing Mr. Espaillat for all of that and more, Mr. Rangel again proclaimed the race as a positive one.

“This is has been about the cleanest campaign I have ever been in,” Mr. Rangel said. “That’s probably in part because I could never say anything bad about any of my opponents, some of whom I don’t know, but certainly the hard work that Senator Espaillat has done … allows me to believe that his integrity is the same as mine.”

A Rambling But Happy Charlie Rangel Plows Ahead