Adidas Pays Up, Parks Its New Blog In the Tumblr Radar for the Next Month

Soccer is classy, Google ads are not. Got it.

adidas Adidas Pays Up, Parks Its New Blog In the Tumblr Radar for the Next Month

Hello there. Did we miss a sexy Tumblr?

How’s Tumblr’s budding relationship with advertising going, now that sponsorship packages are open for business? AdAge reports that, after a little experimentation by Bottega Veneta, the first major brand campaign comes from Adidas.

The company has ponied up for a month of promotion in the Radar, which will point Tumblrers to a newly launched Tumblr, devoted to soccer–ugh, sorry, “football”– and currently focused on the 2012 UEFA European Championship. It’ll also get top billing on the spotlight page for sports.

Sounds like Tumblr is still clinging to the “creative promotion, not gross ads” party line, too. AdAge talked to director of product Danielle Strle, who pointed out that the company was already doing fashion-focused work on Adidas Originals. Ms. Strle said, “We’ve been kind of selective as to who we’re engaging with for this opportunity right now,” adding:

“It’s a whole month of sports that they plan to cover, and they’ll do a whole series of posts in Radar,” she said. “We anticipate that they’ll build a huge community of football fans in Tumblr.”

As many impressions as that dashboard gets, Tumblr can probably afford to be picky–for now, at least. But we can’t help but wondering how this will play out in the long term, and whether Tumblr is going to end up with a whole lot of dead brand pages. It’s not hard to imagine Adidas’s attention shifting when it’s time for the next marketing campaign, though maybe that wouldn’t bother either the platform or the ad buyers–just users stumbling onto dead pages.

Nor can we say we’re surprised that soccer content is what qualifies as classy enough to advertise on Tumblr.