Alec Baldwin Is This Week’s Lindsay Lohan: 30 Rock Star Needs a Dose of PR Training

Driving recklessly, sans pants

Alec’s no good, very bad week (CBS)

You’ve already heard about Alec Baldwin’s really crummy couple of days, which were kicked off on Tuesday when he allegedly snatched a camera (and possibly punched) New York Daily News photographer Marcus Santos. Really? You haven’t? That’s weird, because the Daily News is all over this, putting the picture of an enraged Jack Donaghy on the cover of yesterday’s paper and keeping this story fresh in the headlines.

Now, this would have just been another Words with Friends mini-drama–something to be joshed about in good nature at some later date–which in PR terms is called “getting in front” of a negative media story. Unfortunately, Mr. Baldwin decided to get on top of his problem: running over several reporters on his bike, dropping his pants on Letterman, hitting Bill Clinton while riding on the sidewalk, and airing his political conspiracy theories on Charlie Rose. Looks like someone is trying to get Bret Easton Ellis to notice them!

Whether or not Mr. Baldwin actually punched Mr. Santos or merely made a grab for the camera will be decided in court. That’s almost besides the point. We all know Alec Baldwin has anger issues. Alec Baldwin knows Alec Baldwin has anger issues. That’s why it’s a bad move, PR-wise, to give paparazzi any more reason to be litigious.

Now, on top of the punching, Mr. Baldwin will have to deal with the Inside Edition lady whose foot he ran over on his bicycle, as well as the two other reporters he shoved with his handlebars while trying to make a New York-style getaway from the crowd of journos outside his apartment early yesterday. (In L.A. it would have been an SUV, and then he’d really be in trouble.) Hours later, the actor literally ran into Bill Clinton on his bike, but the former president was totally okay with it because Alec Baldwin is going to host a big Obama fundraiser soon. (He better!) Someone needs to take away Mr. Baldwin’s bike permit for riding on the sidewalk while intoxicated with anger!

Also, no offense to Mr. Baldwin, but these are not ways to handle a public relations crisis:

Tweeting about how you totally ran over people on purpose. (“I am told I ran over someone’s foot on my bike today. I think it was that person who placed their foot under the wheel of my bike.”)

-Comparing your privileged celebrity issues to that of Trayvon Martin’s.

-Wearing a sheet over your head, like a normal person.

-Taking off your pants on Letterman, also like a normal person.

-Telling Charlie Rose all about your “political opposition” theory: the only reason this story is getting any traction is because you’re a Democrat! (Who happened to run over a Democratic president, but oh well.)

Regardless, this is the week of Alec Baldwin just going balls-out. Hopefully next week he’ll put in his bid for Mayor of New York. Shit, we’d still vote for him.

Alec Baldwin Is This Week’s Lindsay Lohan: <em>30 Rock</em> Star Needs a Dose of PR Training