Another Bond Between Chesapeake Energy and Goldman Sachs that Bloomberg Didn’t Mention

Daughter of energy giant's CEO finds a home at company's favorite bank

Callie McClendon, left, with father Aubrey.

Goldman Sachs has developed a close relationship with Chesapeake Energy, Bloomberg reports, with the bank leading stock offerings and arranging billions in loans for the natural gas giant. Indeed, Goldman has gone so far as to extend Chesapeake chief executive officer Aubrey McClendon credit against his wine collection, which at one point was apparently large enough to occasion construction of a 31,000 square-foot warehouse.

The relationship between Goldman and the McClendon family extends further still. According to a LinkedIn page, Mr. McClendon’s daughter Callie has worked for Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management since June 2010.

Ms. McClendon, for the record, graduated from Duke University, her father’s alma mater, in 2010. For those of you wondering about her work experience during the summer of 2009, her blogging credits include such entries as “Mandles: Not Metrosexual in the Least” and “Blue M&M’s Cure for Spinal Cord Injuries?”