Let Me Let Me Upgrade Ya: Apple Reportedly Plans Major iTunes Overhaul

Wait, when's the last time we opened iTunes?

That cord = digital crow’s feet. (Photo: flickr.com/philomglol

Damn, we feel old: Did you guys realize that iTunes debuted in 2003, which is now almost a decade ago? That’s practically a glacial age in technology, and in the era of Spotify, the software is starting to show its age.

Lest the program find itself suddenly in the dustbin of cultural history–Winamp-style–Apple reportedly plans to do a bit of sprucing up. Bloomberg says a major overhaul is scheduled to debut sometime before the end of the year. 

Sources tell Bloomberg that the revamp is designed to make music and other content more easily accessible across a variety of Apple devices, which is great news for those of us who haven’t seen our iPod update cords in months. To that end, Apple is better integrating iTunes with iCloud.

Then there’s a bit of here’s-mud-in-yer-eye for Spotify:

One of the main ways Apple will attempt to improve discovery is by making it easier for people to share songs, a popular feature of Spotify Ltd.’s music-subscription service. Apple has been negotiating with major record labels for rights that would let a user listen to a song sent to them from a friend for free, one person said.

Remember myTunes, anyone? That made sharing super easy.

Let Me Let Me Upgrade Ya: Apple Reportedly Plans Major iTunes Overhaul