Booting Up: While You Were Out at WWDC Edition

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WWDC. (Photo:

Apple went all-in on Steve Jobs’ vision of a PC-less future at WWDC, says Steven Levy. [Wired]

Speaking of Mr. Jobs, in 1987 he applied for security clearance and had to admit that yes, okay, there was a chance someone one day might try to blackmail him. [Threat Level]

Meanwhile, you might want to make sure LulzSec hasn’t jacked your Twitter password. And that is why you reel in those third-party authorizations. [PC Mag]

Here, for the love of God, we’ll even be a little servicey and direct you to directions for better passwords. [Information Week]

Feeling a little… targeted? Perhaps it’s because Microsoft and Yahoo are offering politicians the ability to sell highly customized ads. Will this election ever end?[ProPublica]

When we were freshmen, all we got were dorky lanyards. Now the incoming class at Seton Hall University gets Lumia 900s. [Engadget]

It’s not a cyber cold war until the wild-eyed conspiracy theorists show up. [MSNBC]