Arianna Huffington Has Four Blackberries, One iPhone, and Five Human Assistants

The July/August issue of WSJ magazine includes a “day in the life of” Arianna Huffington piece. In addition to chronicling what she eats for breakfast and how many emails she sends each day (yogurt; 350), it’s very revealing about her team of helpers, digital and human.

“Huffington has four Blackberries and one iPhone. Two BlackBerries are for daily use (purple for email, red for calls). The third is a backup; no one but her daughters has the number of the fourth (it’s the only one that stays on overnight). The iPhone is for photos.”

“Huffington’s assistants include an executive scheduler, a personal assistant and three editors who work on speechwriting and research.”

Is there any other editor-in-chief who can boast such multilateral support?