Artists Destroy Things

Still from Michael Sailstorfer’s “Untitled (Bulb),” 2010. (Courtesy the artist and Johann Koenig Gallery)

We were considering the headline, “Appetite for Destruction,” but went with the more newsy option that you see above. Anyway, this is a trend piece by Barbara Pollack about how “artists are incorporating elements of obliteration in their work” because they are “dedicated to creating works that reflect the fear and anxieties of a post-9/11 world—or at least challenge the notion that an artwork must withstand the test of time.”

“There is something about destruction right now, not only in art but in society in general, that is calling this back to attention,” says Hirshhorn chief curator Kerry Brougher, who is co-organizing “Damage Control” with Russell Ferguson, chief curator of the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. “It may be the fact that, to some degree, destructive images now shoot across the Internet at such incredible speeds that we see so much of this every day. It has become a part of our households. And then, of course, 9/11 ushered in—for Americans, anyway—a new era that we are certainly still living through.”

There is kind of an end-of-days vibe in the world right now, isn’t there? Read the rest of the piece here.