Assembly Budget Committee advances bills on tax credits, monthly reporting, superintendents of elections

TRENTON – The Assembly Budget Committee unanimously released bill A1394, which establishes a pilot program suspending the operations of superintendents and deputy superintendent of elections in certain second-class counties.

The bill was sponsored by Gilbert “Whip” Wilson, ( D-5) of Camden.

Other bills were released by the committee with little discussion or debate.

A2285: A bill requiring prompt monthly reporting on the condition of major state budget funds and disclosure of the state accrued revenue compared with anticipated revenues.  

Assemblyman and Committee Chair Vincent Prieto said it is a good transparency bill that is long overdue. The statute was last updated in 1977.

The Assembly Budget Committee voted along party lines on bill A3206, which calls for expanding the neighborhood revitalization state tax credit to include gross income taxpayers.

The bill would increase the total annual amount of tax credits from $10 million to $15 million,

The Republicans on the committee voted no while the Demcorats voted yes.

ACR154: The executive section of the Statehouse could be on its way to much-needed repairs now that the Assembly Budget Committee has unanimously released a bill calling for it.

That section of the Statehouse has been prone to leaks and a lot of the roof top equipment is rusted.