At Momenta and Online, Artists Stage ‘Telethon for the 1%”

(Courtesy FIPCA)

It’s looking like it’s going to rain in a few hours so if you find yourself hiding out from that near a computer (or if you’re just in an indoor mood), you may want to point your browser over to, where a group of artists and other art types operating under the name FIPCA, including Jennifer Dalton and William Powhida, are hosting a 12-hour telethon to benefit the “1%.” The group is staging various performances and interviews out at the nonprofit space Momenta in Bushwick.

When we tuned in earlier today, blogger Greg Allen was reading from Richard Prince’s deposition in the case Prince v. Cariou case with one of the hosts. Fun stuff. You can also follow the action via FIPCA’s Twitter feed, where the group is providing regular updates. The video feed runs through 10 p.m. tonight.