Believe the Hype! A Guide to 21 Art World Publicists

They're a good-looking bunch

Earlier this week, in the pages of The Observer, we took a look at the incursion of the public-relations industry into the art world in recent years. In the article—titled “Believe the Hype!”—art dealer Bill Powers declared that “the right PR is like suspension in a luxury car—you kind of don’t feel it, and that’s how you know it’s good.” True enough. Good press reps quietly ensure that everything runs as smoothly as a well-tuned Rolls. They attend every party, and they stay until the end of each, shaking hands, brokering introductions. No doubt you have seen them out there in the art world, perhaps without even knowing it.

In the slide show above, a brief guide to these stealth warriors of the art world and the clients that their firms represent.

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