Booting Up: Take My Money Edition

meg whitman Booting Up: Take My Money Edition

Ms. Whitman. (Photo: Max Morse)

So many new IP addresses. [BBC]

CEO Meg Whitman denies H.P. is in crisis. [New York Times]

That bogus Facebook privacy meme that’s spreading around is just bogus. [Gizmodo]

Germany increases taxes on USB sticks and memory cards, justifies it as an attack on piracy. [TechDirt]

$10 million startup accelerator for sub-Saharan Africa launches in Kenya. [PandoDaily]

HBO doesn’t offer a standalone subscription to digital HBOGO, and people are tweeting about it. [Take My Money, HBO!]

“Users whose accounts are compromised get a message at the top of their browser saying: ‘Warning: We believe state-sponsored attackers may be attempting to compromise your account or computer.'” [CNN]