Brad Pitt Took a Private Jet to Documenta

(Courtesy Facebook)

Brad Pitt spent almost $50,000 on a private jet to take him to Documenta during a day off from shooting the forthcoming film World War Z.

He spent “thousands on paintings and asked for them to be sent straight to his French chateaux,” an anonymous source told English tabloid The Sun (that publication also mentioned, “It would have been cheaper to pop to Ikea and buy a framed photo of some stones.” Uh, you know, sure.)

Courtesy Jerry Saltz’s Facebook page, a photo of Mr. Pitt at Documenta.

Update, 1:50 p.m.: As Mr. Saltz points out below, the gentleman in the blue shirt is not art adviser Allan Schwartzman, as we had previously reported.

Brad Pitt Took a Private Jet to Documenta