Bramnick: ‘Get your sleeping bags’

TRENTON – Assembly Republican leaders this afternoon reinforced the groundwork for their opposition to Democratic lawmakers’ proposed $31.7 billion budget.

“I would highly doubt any members of the Republican caucus would support this Democratic budget,” Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick (R-21) told reporters.

“Get your sleeping bags. We’ll meet again at 2 in the morning for a follow up press conference,” the Republican leader cracked. “When you talk about raising taxes generally that is a very bad message to send.”

Get with the Christie program, Bramnick said.

“Democrats want to continue serving special interests while hoping that Gov. Chris Christie goes away, but people think Christie is on the right track,” he said.

Bramnick and Minority Conference Leader Dave Rible (R-30) denounced the “old Corzine concept of raising taxes, and vowed that when it comes to the submitted Democratic budget, “the governor is going to veto that.”

“I’d ask the Democrats to take down tax increases and get busy with the Christie reform agenda,” Bramnick said.

“We’re going to be posting a budget that is hurting more people,” said Rible. “(Assembly Majority Leader) Lou Greenwald’s favorite movie must be ‘Groundhog Day,’ because he keeps bringing it back, bringing it back.”

Bramnick: ‘Get your sleeping bags’