Christie: ‘This is the same old BS’

READINGTON – Beating the “Corzine Democrat” drum, Gov. Chris Christie told members of a town hall in Readington that he thinks “the game’s over” in Trenton.

The governor told residents he’s prepared to fight all summer for tax cuts – effectively drawing a line in the sand.

“I decided to compromise and I said to the Senate president, ‘OK, I’ll go with your plan,” Christie said Friday afternoon, telling the crowd he was willing to move away from his 10 percent tax cut plan to bring some sort of tax relief to residents.

“And now, of course, I’m confronted just yesterday with the stark reality of something we all thought we have taken care of in 2009,” he said, referring to the passage of the millionaires tax.

“This is the same old BS that we’ve been hearing from these people for a decade,” Christie said. “That they know how to spend your money better than you do.”

Democrats moved a budget out of committees that set aside $183 million for property tax credits, but would only go into effect in January if the state reaches the governor’s revenue projections.

“If they want to fight they’re going to get one all long hot summer until they cut your taxes,” Christie said.

The governor fired off on all cylinders, telling the crowd of more than 500 that his pen “is going to be running out of ink” this budget season.

“There are three key numbers to pass a budget,” Christie said, adding, “41, 21 and one,” for the Assembly, Senate and executive.

“Ladies and gentlemen, behold one,” he said. “Right here.”

Christie: ‘This is the same old BS’