Countdown to a WNY meltdown

This is not a clip from “Dog Day Afternoon,” but it would have certainly made great raw material for Sidney Lumet, who unfortunately isn’t around to make pictures anymore.

Fortunately for us, we have the next best thing – Hudson TV, whose cameraman captured this gem of a meltdown from the capeless but no less hapless Count “Yes, That Really is my First Name” Wiley, a WNY commissioner who this week tore off his Together We Can pin and publicly denounced his longtime ally Mayor Felix Roque. 

Facing federal computer hacking charges, Roque wasn’t in legirons on this night, but he was a few weeks ago when he showed up in federal court. 

The horror is that Roque appears to be the adult in this exchange with the Stanislavski auditioning Wiley. 

Check it out…

Countdown to a WNY meltdown