Cryan: ‘Our decision was based on principle’

With the news that leadership peeled off two of his allies to back the budget despite their initial vow to oppose it without a push back of the date for the Legislature to vote on the reorganization of higher education, Assemblyman Joe Cryan (D-20) was grimly soldierly in gulping down the news.

“Our decision was based on principle,” said Cryan in a statement. “The realities don’t change, there is not enough information available for anyone to be able to vote yes on this merger proposal. We don’t know short-term or long-term costs or what impact this will have on education in the state for decades to come and there is still no reason to force this vote. It’s been stated already this wouldn’t be implemented til July 1, 2013, so why are we rushing a vote with no information available?  We should have hearings across the state and New Jersey taxpayers should have the ability to hear what the impact of this proposal will be. I can only hope other legislators will come to their senses and allow this proposal to be properly presented so we can truly analyze its impact.”