Cuomo Announces Grace Meng Endorsement at Last Minute

Grace Meng (Photo: NY1)

After Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a  small slew of late congressional endorsements last Friday, it turned out that there was one final endorsement for him to give.

“Hello this is Governor Andrew Cuomo, I’m calling to urge you to vote for my friend Grace Meng for Congress in tomorrow’s Democratic primary,” Mr. Cuomo said in a robocall released by Assemblywoman Grace Meng’s campaign earlier this evening.

In the ad, Mr. Cuomo stretches his Queens roots in order to claim a local perspective on Ms. Meng’s candidacy.

“I’m a Queens guy as you know, born and raised,” he continued. “I know what it takes to represent our Queens neighborhoods and families. So does Grace, she is the fighter that we need in D.C.”

While the governor’s endorsement is a nice thing to have in Ms. Meng’s pocket, the timing of it might be best perceived as an endorsement of the conventional wisdom that views her as the favorite to win against a field of challengers that includes Assemblyman Rory Lancman and Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley.

Listen below:
Robocall: Cuomo for Meng

Cuomo Announces Grace Meng Endorsement at Last Minute