CWA working phones on budget, higher ed

Members of the Communication Workers of America are working the phones today in an attempt to counter an Assembly faction led by Democrat Joe Cryan that seeks to delay the higher education reorganization in exchange for agreeing to support the budget.

CWA members have reached out to lawmakers to solicit support for both the reorganization and the budget, sources tell PolitickerNJ.

Reached Friday, CWA State Director Hetty Rosenstein would not comment on the calls, but said her organization does not support the linkage of the two bills. 

“We are on the record in support of the (higher ed.) bill and we do not support the linkage of the two bills,” Rosenstein said.

Amendments to the reorganization plan provide job protection for public employees once the merger is complete and the CWA has come out in favor of the plan.  

Thursday, Cryan and eight other legislators took a stand against the higher education bill, saying they would withhold their support for the budget unless the merger is delayed pending further hearings.

Without support from the nine, the Assembly does not have the 41 votes necessary to pass the budget.  Picking off two members of the faction gives Democrats the 41 votes necessary. 

CWA working phones on budget, higher ed