DCCC: ‘Has The FBI Interviewed Grimm’s Teacup Yorkie Yet?’

The DCCC wants to know what Sebastian knows and when he knew it. (Photo: Human Society)

Yesterday, Congressman Michael Grimm declared his love for his pooch Sebastian and encouraged his entire staff to bring their dogs to his Washington D.C. and district offices for Take Your Dog To Work Day, a fairly innocent and non-threatening endeavor. Nevertheless, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, always aggressively eager to highlight the serious fundraising allegations leveled against Mr. Grimm, has done it again and seized upon Mr. Grimm’s puppy love to push their message.

“Congressman Grimm’s latest excuse not to talk about his legal and ethical problems?”  the DCCC proclaimed in a statement this morning, pumping up the news of the continuing FBI investigation. “He is too busy playing with his puppy, trying to lighten the mood of staffers worried about impending interviews with the FBI.”

Josh Schwerin, a regional spokesman for the Democratic organization, proceeded to hypothesize on whether Sebastian was among those questioned by federal investigators.

“Today Congressman Grimm is taking time off from throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars at his legal team to pretend the world is all puppies and rainbows,” he mused. “Unfortunately for Staten Island voters, Congressman Grimm’s record of voting to drastically cut Medicare is not nearly so sunny and will last long after the FBI finishes its investigation. Today’s event does raise one new question, has the FBI interviewed Congressman Grimm’s teacup yorkie yet?”

For his part, Mr. Grimm has discussed the fundraising allegations multiple times in previous months, and in a statement provided by his lawyer earlier this week, declared the ongoing FBI inquiry as unsurprising as he had brought the allegations to federal agencies himself when they first emerged.

“I look forward to a speedy resolution and am confident that I will be fully vindicated,” he said.

DCCC: ‘Has The FBI Interviewed Grimm’s Teacup Yorkie Yet?’