Deitch: Directin’ Ain’t Easy

Mr. Deitch. (Courtesy Getty Images)

Artnet’s Rachel Corbett recently posted a report from a panel at Basel that featured Baer Faxt proprietor Josh Baer and Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art Director Jeffrey Deitch. Her write-up focuses on what seems to have been a major part of the discussion: Mr. Deitch’s transition from dealer to museum director.

Mr. Deitch spoke to the difficulties of fund-raising for shows, and said competition for new work is only becoming more intense in an era when private collections are only becoming more impressive. From the report:

“The challenge is how to connect with a big audience when people only sell to multimillionaires who have private foundations and the ability to display the work beautifully,” Deitch said. “What happens if you ask an artist, ‘Would you rather sell to the Mr. and Mrs. Foundation or sell to a museum where we have limited space and can only show it every four to five years?’”

He also says that people are now disinclined to answer his calls, afraid that he’ll ask for money. Hard to imagine they don’t pick up every now and then, though.

Deitch: Directin’ Ain’t Easy