Departmental reorganization bills advance

TRENTON – Having passed the budget bill, the Assembly Budget Committee handled several other bills today.

A3154/S1562: This increases the amount of tax credits authorized to be issued under the Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit program and extends the application deadline. It lifts the cap of $250 million on the program.  The bill passed with Republican Jay Webber abstaining.

These bills deal with administrative reorganizations of various departments and authorities.

A3097: This transfers the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority from the Department of Community Affairs to the Department of State. It passed unanimously.

A3101: This reorganizes the Department of Children and Families. The Division of Women retains its status as a division. It passed unanimously.

A3104: This reorganizes and renames the Department of Health and Senior Services as the Department of Health and establishes the Division of Aging Services in DHS. It passed unanimously.

A3141/S2501: This establishes a new public-private partnership agreement option for construction of state and county college facilities. The bill passed with bipartisan support 11-0.


Departmental reorganization bills advance