Sotheby’s P.R. Chief Diana Phillips to Retire

Ms. Phillips. (Courtesy Patrick McMullan)

Blouin Artinfo reports that Diana Phillips, Sotheby’s longtime chief flack, will retire from her position after 27 years at the company.

She will be replaced by Andrew Gully, the senior vice president for communications and external affairs at Brandeis University, who will, according to Brandeis, begin at his new job sometime this month.

Mr. Gully, the university said in a release, spent 21 years at the Boston Herald, 11 of those as managing editor, and while we’re comparing odd tidbits from bios, according to Ms. Phillips’s on Sotheby’s website, it turns out that she majored in Latin at Brown University, and taught the language for nine years sometime before entering the world of P.R. How tempus fugits!