Diaz Sr. Compares Cuomo to Caesar’s Wife

Caesar’s Wife Pompeia (Photo: Wikimedia)

State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr., infamous for sending out somewhat odd “What You Should Know” statements, has another one out this afternoon, and it’s a good one.

For example, the statement, which is about The New York Timesreport that Governor Cuomo solicited casino contributions for an independent group that advocates on his behalf at the same time he was pushing for casino legalization in the state, references Caesar, feces, and “some kind of celestial beings” before the first paragraph is through.

It can be viewed below:

Caesar’s Wife Should Not Only Be Pure…

You should know that back in time, when the world was run by Roman Emperors, the Emperors could do no wrong. They were supposed to be some kind of celestial beings, to the point that even their feces were supposed to never stink. Even their wives were supposed to be perfect… not only pure, but have an appearance of purity.

Caesar or the Emperor could associate with anyone he desired and accept money and gifts without impunity. Only peasants were to be careful in order for them not to be found guilty of corruption or accused of some illicit act.

There were incidences when people were found guilty by association. In many cases they visited the homes, ate and/or received gifts, public praises and words of encouragement from people with ulterior motives and of dubious character.

Today, Tuesday June 5, 2012, while reading an article in the New York Times by Nicholas Confessore, Danny Hakim and Charles V. Bagli entitled “Gambling Group Gave $2 Million to a Cuomo Ally,” I had no choice but to remember the Roman phrase “Caesar’s wife should not only be pure, but have the appearance of purity.”

You should also know that according to Mr. Confessore, Mr. Hakim and Mr. Bagli:

“The contributions went to the Committee to Save New York, a business and labor coalition that raised $17 million and spent nearly $12 million in 2011, much of it on campaign-style television and radio advertisements praising Mr. Cuomo and supporting his proposals to cap property taxes and slash state spending.

“Founded by real estate developers and business executives at Mr. Cuomo’s urging shortly after he was elected governor, the committee has rapidly become the biggest spender on lobbying in Albany, providing not only critical backing for Mr. Cuomo, but also a counterweight to the labor unions whose money and political muscle have traditionally dominated the Capitol.”

Could you imagine, dear reader our Governor, the former State Attorney General, the one who is supposed to be above everybody else, better than Caesar’s wife, being associated, according to the New York Times, in a situation that, if it were anybody else, this same Governor would be the first one to request an investigation by the Joint Commission on Public Integrity or appoint a special prosecutor?

You should remember, dear reader, as I said before, that this kind of behavior and association was good and ok for the Roman Emperors because they were above the law, they were supposed to be pure and celestial. This kind of association and gift-receiving was only illegal and would open an inquiry for us peasants, not for celestial beings.

I am State Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz, and this is what you should know.

Diaz Sr. Compares Cuomo to Caesar’s Wife