Dilan Endorsed By Small Army of Elected Officials [Update]

Today’s rally. (Photo: Facebook)

Councilman Erik Dilan, hoping to unseat Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez, has officially marshaled out the troops.

At a press conference this morning, Mr. Dilan announced the endorsements  of Senators John Sampson, Martin Dilan and Eric Adams; Assembly Members Vito Lopez, Rafael Espinal, Joe Lentol, Marcos Crespo, Nelson Castro, Micah Kellner, Naomi Rivera, Karim Camara, and Alec Brook-Krasny; and City Council Members Sara Gonzalez and  Stephen Levin, among others.

The fact that so many elected officials have gathered behind Mr. Dilan’s candidacy — even though he’s running against an incumbent — is testament to influence of Mr. Lopez, who doubles as the head of the Brooklyn Democratic Party.

“Erik has stressed the importance of getting the economy back to work by supporting small businesses, incentivizing new hiring and restructuring the tax system that eases the burden on New York’s working families,” Senate Democratic Leader John Sampson said in a statement. “These are the solutions most all of us have been looking to, to give our communities the tools to help themselves. I am pleased to know we’ll have that support in Washington when Erik is elected.”

Of course Ms. Velázquez has a number of of her own elected officials behind her candidacy, in addition to most of the major unions, not to mention the President of the United States, so she’s not exactly slouching in that department either.

Two other candidates, Dan O’Connor and George Martinez, are also competing in the June 26th Democratic primary.

Update: Assemblyman Michael DenDekker contradicted Mr. Dilan’s press release, which said he was confirmed to attend the rally, and reiterated his support for the incumbent instead. He issued this statement:

“For the record, Assemblyman and Democratic District Leader Michael Den Dekker did not attend any press conferences on Friday, June 15, 2012, and as an Executive Member of the Democratic Organization of Queens County endorsed Nydia M. Velázquez for Congress on March 19, 2012. Any published information to the contrary is neither authorized nor accurate.”

We additionally hear word that Assemblyman David Weprin is in a similar situation and removed his name from the above list for the sake of accuracy as well.

Dilan Endorsed By Small Army of Elected Officials [Update]