Donate To Steve Israel, And Get ‘The Nanny’ On Your Answering Machine

Borrowing a page from the playbook of Carl Kassell, Steve Israel’s campaign will be sending out a rather unusual fundraising plea this afternoon.

A chance for  a dinner with the Long Island congressman and DCCC chair? Not quite. Instead, a chance for Fran Drescher, whose distinctive voice led to her starring in the sitcom “The Nanny.”

“Fran Drescher–you know, the one people call ‘the laugh’ and ‘the nanny’–I’m not here right now and neither is…” the email to supporters reads. “Imagine having that as your voicemail greeting. My  voice greeting everyone who leaves you a message. And if you support Congressman Steve Israel’s campaign, that can be your voicemail greeting, too.”

Ms. Drescher goes on to describe her fight against uterine cancer and the help that Mr. Israel, who is chair of the House’s Cancer Caucus, lent her. Mr. Israel is running against Stephen Labate, a Lt. Colonel in the Army Reserve in a race that is expected to go to the incumbent.

The fundraising email, and a sample of Ms. Drescher’s work, is below:

Hiiiii XXX,“Fran Drescher – you know, the one people call “the laugh,” and “the nanny,” – I’m not here right now and neither is…”

Imagine having that as your voicemail greeting. MY voice greeting everyone who leaves you a message. And if you support Congressman Steve Israel’s campaign, that can be your voicemail greeting, too.

So here’s what we’re going to do: When you donate at least $5 to help re-elect Steve Israel, you will be entered to win my voice on your home answering machine or voicemail and a Steve Israel for Congress t-shirt. Go ahead, donate now!

Why is this so important to me? You see, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2000 – and I beat it. I survived. I got lucky.

But beating cancer shouldn’t have to be about luck. It should be about health care and detection; medicine and education; patients and doctors – symptoms and treatments. That’s why I founded an organization dedicated to educating women about how to detect cancer at its most curable stage.
We work with Congressman Steve Israel to help people prevent, detect, and treat cancer in its early stages.

Steve’s leadership as co-chair of the House Cancer Caucus has been fantastic, and I want to continue working with him to save lives and beat cancer.

He fights back against irresponsible manufacturers who would compromise safety to make a buck. As you know, he is leading the charge for companies to reveal all the ingredients in household goods, including dangerous chemicals. I’m proud of my work with Congressman Israel on the Right to Know Act. He stood up for us against corporate lobbyists who wanted to prevent us from knowing what’s in the cleaning products we use in our bathrooms, in our kitchens, in our schools, and in our medical offices.

But now he needs us to stand up for him. The fundraising deadline is coming up soon on June 30, and Steve Israel needs our help. He’s running in a new district and needs to introduce himself to new voters in Long Island and Queens. Donate now to help them get to know Steve’s work.

To sweeten the deal, we’re running a contest. If you donate to Steve Israel’s campaign by June 30, you’ll be entered into a drawing – and I’ll record a voice mail message for the winner.

Make a contribution of $5 or more today and be entered to win my voice on your answering machine or voicemail, as well as a Steve Israel for Congress t-shirt!Take care,