Dorothea Arnold, Head of Met’s Egyptian Department, Retires After 27 Years

(Courtesy the Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Dorothea Arnold, an archaeologist and curator who has been the head of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s department of Egyptian art for 21 years, will retire June 30, according to a statement from the museum’s director Thomas P. Campbell. Ms. Arnold has been on the curatorial staff at the museum for 27 years. Starting July 1, she will become curator emeritus.

“Her contributions to her field have been enormous—as a long-time archaeologist, noted scholar and author, curator of important exhibitions, and leader of an impressive team of experts in the Department of Egyptian Art,” Mr. Campbell said in an announcement yesterday. She has also overseen the reinstallation of many of her department’s galleries, where almost all of the Museum’s vast Egyptian art holdings, numbering around 30,000 works of art, are on display. These galleries are among the Met’s most studied and most visited by our millions of visitors from around the world each year.”