Egyptian Jon Stewart Also Thinks Jim Cramer Bankrupted America (Video)

How nice when the fraternity of man is begotten by electronic media: In America, we watched the Egyptian revolution unfold over Twitter and cheered our encouragement. In Egypt, they watched as a man bray himself red in the scalp on American television…and came to know that man as Jim Cramer.

Jon Stewart had Bassem Youssef, a.k.a. the Egyptian Jon Stewart, on The Daily Show last night, and it didn’t take long for the man of many sound effects to come in for a lashing. Of course, it wasn’t the first time that Mr. Stewart had a laugh at Mr. Cramer’s expense. In 2009, Mr. Stewart seized on the mood of the day, inviting Mr. Cramer onto The Daily Show, then painting the Mad Money host complicit in the entire financial crisis.

“Isn’t there a problem selling snake oil as vitamin tonic?” Mr. Stewart asked, cornering Mr. Cramer into an apology for recommending stock in Bear Stearns.
That was then.

Now? “The man kind of bankrupted America, the country!” Mr. Youssef marveled last night. “And people still watch him!”

Well, Mr. Youssef, is an all-around charming guy, and he may simply have been humoring his American counterpart. Or, you know, maybe he’s been watching Mr. Cramer’s show over the years. In any regard, it was heartwarming to watch the two satirists bond over a common punchline. Here’s how it went down:

Bassem Youssef: It’s happening again. Like, all these rumors of aliens coming down and starting the revolution with the Freemasons.

Jon Stewart: Is it really this type of conspiracy stuff? Because that’s—we have a gentleman, here, uh…Does Glenn Beck have a TV in Egypt, or no?

Bassem Youssef: It’s his evil twin.

Jon Stewart: Really? And there’s a guy who’s spreading, sort of, conspiracy stuff?

Bassem Youssef: He’s a little bit kind of cloned, everywhere.

Jon Stewart: Oh really?

Bassem Youssef: Yes. Even in sports programs. Imagine Glenn Beck actually doing a sports show, and that’s what you’d get. Like, that was a foul because some kind of Blu-Ray came from the eyes of the whatever.

Jon Stewart: Is the problem that the people [of Egypt] don’t believe that they would have the wherewithal to stand up on their own?

Bassem Youssef: The problem is that people want to believe. They want to believe. But when you have the media pounding on them with all of these conspiracies, you will find people that will fall for that. Like, for example, you have what is it, Cramer? Mad Money?

Jon Stewart: Yes, yes.

Bassem Youssef: And people still watch him!

Jon Stewart: [Laughs]

Bassem Youssef: The guy kind of bankrupted America, the country! And people still watch him!

Indeed, they do. You can watch the whole interview here, or fast-forward to the 5-minute mark for the sequence above. And, uh, can we get a “booyah?” Or better yet, some Brooklyn Crab?

Egyptian Jon Stewart Also Thinks Jim Cramer Bankrupted America (Video)