Everything That Bugs You About Startups in One Video

"Vooza is a mobile web app that's real-time, cloud-based, social and local."

picture 4 Everything That Bugs You About Startups in One Video


Despite the fact that we love to spotlight the companies and characters that make this scene hum here at Betabeat, we occasionally grow weary of all the unbridled enthusiasm for the New York tech space. What can we say? We’re journalists–we were born skeptical. So when this parody video of a soon-to-launch startup popped up, its light-hearted jabs at the more eyeroll-inducing side of tech were all too familiar.

“Vooza is a mobile web app that’s real-time, cloud-based, social and local,” begins the animated video. “What does it do? SHHHH! We’re in beta!”

The video is really funny, and perfectly captures all the things that occasionally annoy us about the startup scene: ubiquitous acronyms and buzzwords, “it’s like X for Y!”, and mentions of Ashton Kutcher, who is perhaps the most irritating celebrity investor.

Despite its light mockery, Vooza seems to be winning over the hearts of startup kids. “Dude, if you’re not signed up for the Vooza beta yet, you’re so fucking behind,” tweeted David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of Ruby on Rails. “Please message me regarding angel funding! I have a jar full of Kennedy half dollars,” quipped one Facebook user.

You can watch the Vooza vid here.